How to rank your local business website in 6 month in 2017, below is a schedule which you can follow to rank your website.

First Month Strategy

1. Setup all your social profiles, Add google analytics & webmaster tools to your site.
2. Check your site for any issues.
3. Send some social signals to your site.
4. Join as a member in relevant forums and answer two posts a day.
5. Make 5 comments on relevant authority blogs with your website url.
6. Answer one question per day in quora with your link.
7. Add one new article every week. (If you have time, you can any number of articles per week)
8. Read more about SEO, Backlinks & on page optimization.

Second Month Strategy

1. Write one article every two weeks.
2. Read more about outreach, guest blogging. Contact other bloggers and warm them up with your friendship so that it would be easy for you to pitch them up with your questions/links.
3. Keep all your social profiles active. Post to them everyday or atleast once in a week.
4. Select 10-20 bloggers in your niche and send them your expert post round up question. Make sure to publish your first expert roundup post this second month.
5. Build 5 web 2.0 with unique content, Create an infographics if possible. Learn more about infographic link building here.
6. Start tracking your keywords rankings so that you know the improvements in rankings.

Third & Fourth Month Strategy

1. Visit relevant blogs in your niche, comment on them and build a friendship with them. Complement them through email in a way they reply.
2. Pitch them politely for a guest post through their email. When approaching them make sure you already have 3-4 topics selected for the guest post. Include them in your mail to find out which one they are interested in. If they do not allow guest posts, ask them for a resource page link by adding their link to yours.
3. Get at least 10 guest posts active during month 3-4.
4. And your routine of blog commenting, forum profile, quora, social signals must continue whenever you have time.

Fifth & Sixth Month Strategy

1. Signup for a trial of semrush & ahrefs and analyse where your competitors are getting their backlinks. Try to replicate as many links of your competitors.
2. If you have built good relationships and acquired atleast 10-20 guest posts from other niche blogs, there is a good chance that by now your site would be making you good money. But there are chances that sometime your site might need a PBN push. If you have had good success with outreach & guest posting, you do not need pbn. Just continue with the routine of previous month.
3. Be cautious, very cautious when you build your pbn or buy pbn links from some one. There are people who blindly recommend lighting rank & rank guardian. But there are stories against them as well.
4. Add content to your website whenever you have time. Keep your social profiles active and chances are high that you are already making some passive income at this stage with steady rankings in google.

After Six Months:

1. Optimize the pages for better conversions. Test and tweak your website link positions.
2. Add content once in a month.
3. Try building a brand around your website by offering contests/prices to your visitors.

Let’s take action in 2017!

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