We often hear that content and call to action should be placed above the fold, meaning that the content that displays on a site without requiring the visitor to scroll. It’s now become irrelevant and out-of-date with today’s world.

After 2014, putting content and Call To Action above the fold for maximum conversion had become a MYTH.

WHY there’s NO such thing as high above the fold conversion in web pages anymore.?

It’s because … Everybody Scroll

So Who is “Everybody” ?

Everybody is the site’s visitors.

Whatever sites you have, there are only 2 types of visitors. The first is the one who knows you and knows your brand. They could’ve been bought your previous other products while the other is the one who does not know you or your brand.

Since those two groups are scrolling the site, there needs to be a way to capture their attention so you’ll get the maximum conversion of their actions.

So… how can YOU benefit from this NEW customer behavior so you can maximize your sites and your client’s sites conversion ?

Here’s the solution for you :

First, “above the fold” content and call to action are there to create awareness and instant credibility, so your loyal customer will do the action required right away when they see the call to action while the new visitor will perceived you as an authority on your niche.

While the “below the fold” content and call to action are there to encourage the new customers to take action.

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