It pays to meet potential clients in a certain condition…

I call that condition, ‘Naked’.


I get to meet many potential clients, and they are not in defensive ‘anti-salesman’ mode.

Since I usually go to pretty nice upscale places (unless in slumming).

They assume I’m of their social class standing – important.

I can appear engaging and yet not selling.

In fact it works well to act very disinterested.

This is how I get prospect clients coming to me.

I knew an insurance man who was struggling trying to sell policies…all the advice and training wasn’t working.

So, he joined the best country club he could afford. And started prospecting there…and his business (finally) took off.

He told me, “They assume I’m successful and treat me with more respect…”

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this approach, but you ought to try it.

To Your Success.

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