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I attended a lot of holiday parties down here last month…

At one event I ended up next to the vp of manufacturing for a local company.

We got on the subject of who he trusts in business and he also answered the question, “Why even use outside marketing help?”

Some comments from Mike, the company Vp:

“It would be easy to claim I trust no one, but thats not practical. You have to trust some folks or you’d never get anywhere.”

“Generally, I’d say I trust ones I’ve known the longest.”

Regarding outside consultants…
“I get approached by advertising reps all day long, its a pain, but rarely by marketing consultants.”

“If you mean somebody who can add to my business, without costing me more, I’m interested, sure. If it costs, then I need to see an ROI that I believe.”

Whats the worst thing an outside vendor can do?

“Lie to me, to get my business…” Being too slick, kills his chances…”

My comment is, I’m not surprised.

Building trust is a key to landing good clients.

And TRUST grows out of the right RELATIONSHIP.

Thats why small steps to start relationships can pay off so big.

So here your first step…

You can contact me anytime or email me how I help you in local business by going to this page.

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