Botch your website and your other local business SEO efforts will go to waste.

The crucial off-site factors – links, reviews, and local listings – won’t get you as far in Google. Even if you do manage to rank well (a big “if”) with a thin or confusing or not-optimized site, most visitors will still hit the “back” button and not pick up the phone.

The good news is most of the steps you need to do on your website are:

(1) not too tough and
(2) make your site both Google-friendly and people-friendly.

Now, I have no idea how much work you’ve done on your site, or how effective it is.

What I do know is I’ve probably already written all you need to get your site pulling its weight. Many of  blog posts are about the almighty website. Of those, I’ve rounded up what I consider the 10 most-practical posts.

All of these posts can help your site rank better in the local results and attract more customers:

Low-Tech Local SEO Fix-ups for Your Site

21 Pages a “Small Local Business” Site Needs for Tip-Top Local Visibility

50 Examples of Title Tags That Rock at Local SEO

10 Guidelines for Putting NAP Info on Your Site for Local SEO

Top-3 Local SEO “Content” Wins for People Who Hate to Write

Keep Your Site, Lose at Local SEO: When Must You Rebuild?

A little more work, but worth it:

25 Principles of Building Effective City Pages for Local SEO

Template for Creating Knockout City-Page Content for Local SEO

How to Structure Your Site for Local Search Visibility That Lasts

100 Practical Ideas for Small-Business Blog Posts

Which post(s) do you find the most helpful? Do you have questions about any of the posts? Feel free to comment below.

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