Can you drive people from Facebook to a landing page and get them to place a call… DEFINITELY!

Here are a 4 steps on how to get a pay-per-call campaigns going with Facebook traffic:

1) Landing Page
THIS IS CRUCIAL. Don’t even look at how it looks in Desktop. Focus ENTIRELY on the mobile experience. Test floating bar on top/bottom. Make sure the visitor has multiple areas through the landing page to click the phone number. Don’t distract with other things they can do (Ads, lead forms, etc…) – if the primary goal is the phone call, don’t “muddy” the page and the call the primary focus.

2) Targeting
Obviously mobile devices only. I haven’t dont a lot of Instagram ads for my campaigns, so test that. Depending on what you’re promoting – test Android/Iphone and see which one works. Also test if it’s older phones or new phones that are making the conversions. Lastly… connected to WIFI… check this box. You want them to be in a state to actually have a phone call, so “connected to WIFI” gives you the assumption that they’re in a place where they’re staying for a minutre (home, cafe, work, etc…)

3) Tracking
Google tag manager is your friend. Use it and create Events based off people clicking the number. I use “tel:” in Tag Manager. Facebook has added new features that all you to track this. This is CRUCIAL for building custom convesions, lookalike audiences and the overall success of “trimming the fat” on demographics that aren’t converting.

4) Listen to the calls
You’ll find out a lot about your demographics. I had a campaign that was targeting Men/Women and all ethnicities. Turns out, it was mostly women calling, that were African-American. We changed our targeting and BAM… 150% ROI days from then on. Additionally, listening to calls allows you to create new angles/copy/headlines that speak to the people calling.

Facebook can drive serious PHONE CALL volume… so use it! If you have any questions… comment below!

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