Are losing money with Facebook Ads?

Most local businesses do…. lets be frank.

But I’ve secretly been running FB ads for years….

And I constantly see local business make these FB Ad Mistakes:

1). Targeting “everyone in this location” rather than people “living in this location”…. this is costing you money.

2). Not calling out your audience in your copy … the copy of your ad is crucial.

3). Not Using Custom Audiences… or not knowing what they are. (this is a huge one)

4). Using Automatic Placements – Those right hand sidebar ads could be hurting your CPC to a cold audience.

5). Not Testing Ad Placement at Ad Set Level– You must test my friend. Early & Often.

6). Not Using Custom Conversions – Most local business don’t even set these up. You must give FB the data it needs to help you out.

7). Optimizing 4 conversions too soon – Just because you choose “optimize for conversions” doesn’t mean FB will find you new leads.

You have to warm Facebook up before you ask for marriage. This ain’t Vegas.


So I have one question, are you as local business making these mistakes?

Clean the above up and your performance will skyrocket.

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