This post been share by Adam Linkenauger in Facebook Groups of Click Funnel.

This is how his company paces to hit over 1 BILLION views on their two basketball fan pages this year.

1. The content is target market specific with a clear and specific RESULT (learn the jelly layup)

2. The content hits a specific market trend- the jelly layup is “hot” right now in the basketball market.

3. The content is delivered by the face of the brand for inner “celebrity” building and branding.

4. The face shows the clear RESULT the market desires (crazy dribbling and skill) and makes it clear that HE is the PATH to the result.

5. The content is delivered in a short <60 second video, that’s easy to watch and comprehend, even without audio.

6. There is a CLEAR Call To Action towards a key pain point. (Comment “handles” for a ball handling workout)

7. A comment call to action pushes engagement and Facebook is happy.

They have automation setup for lead generation.

As for results:

1,000+ leads. Millions of new players reached. More Social Currency, more market share, more control.

One post.

and this was 100% FREE traffic.

If every post hits the majority of the checklist above, and is truly content the market WANTS/needs. You’ll see good results.

Good luck!

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